6 Tips to fight acne!

¡Hola Guapas y Guapos!

For quite some years now I have dealt with acne, to be precise since I was about 12. Luckily my skin is all cleared up now! These are my tips to help you in the fight against acne:

  1. Visit a dermatologist. This is the absolute key in fighting acne. The dermatologist can tell you what of acne you have and prescribe a recipe for medicine that works best with your type of acne.
  2. Consistency. Acne will not go away if you treat it once every couple of days. You need to be very consistent and probably treat it twice a day.
  3. Drink plenty  of water. This helps you purify your skin from within.
  4. Nutrition. Some foods and drinks actually cause/trigger acne, such as pork, dairy and sugar. Other foods like cucumber, nuts and fatty fish can help against acne. (This can differ from person to person)
  5. Hygiene. Do not and I repeat do not go to sleep with make up, this will only clog your pores. Use clean towels and change your bed sheets at least once a week, so that you can prevent bacteria getting on your skin. If you don’t have proper hygiene, your acne will come right back even if you treat it with medicine from the dermatologist.
  6. Regular facials. During a facial your skin will be, among other things, deep cleaned, whiteheads and blackheads will be removed and the blood circulation will be improved.
  7. Skincare. Find a good skin care routine that works for YOUR skin. What works for your friends skin doesn’t have to work for your skin. (The medicine that the dermatologist prescribes you should be a part of this).

If you have any questions about fighting acne feel free to ask!

Besos, Sarai Isabel.